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Announcing the 2016 Young Filmmakers Project

FRIDAY HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL announces the 2016 Young Film­mak­ers Project and free stu­dent tick­ets for the 2015 Film Fes­ti­val

yfmpFHFF Board mem­bers Tony Viven­zio and Las­z­lo Pal will present news and infor­ma­tion dur­ing a school assem­bly to be held at the Whit­ti­er The­atre Nov. 5 at 2 pm. They will be announc­ing that due to a gen­er­ous spon­sor all 2015 FHFF tick­ets for stu­dents will be free to all those that sign up after the assem­bly. Stu­dents want­i­ng to attend the FHFF will be giv­en a spe­cial stu­dent wrist­band as they depart. Also, Tony and Lazs­lo will announce for 2016, the FHFF will spon­sor a stu­dent film­mak­ers con­test, with the best stu­dent film select­ed will be screened at the 2016 FHFF and receive a $500 schol­ar­ship.

These pro­grams are avail­able due to gen­er­ous spon­sor­ships giv­en to the FHFF for these spe­cif­ic pur­pos­es. One spon­sor last year noticed that there were few stu­dents at the FHFF and felt stu­dents should be par­tic­i­pat­ing and learn­ing from these impor­tant films.

Anoth­er spon­sor want­ed stu­dents to con­tin­ue to tell sto­ries and explore issues using dig­i­tal media. So they offered to spon­sor the schol­ar­ship for the 2016 Young Film­mak­ers Project. One of the sig­nif­i­cant achieve­ments of the 2014 Young Film­mak­ers Project, was one of the stu­dents sub­mit­ted his film with his col­lege appli­ca­tion and received a $35,000 schol­ar­ship to attend Willamette Uni­ver­si­ty in Ore­gon. This is exact­ly the type of result the FHFF Young Film­mak­ers Project hopes to achieve.

film-society-logoTo con­tin­ue this ongo­ing Young Film­mak­ers Project into the future and to insure the via­bil­i­ty of the FHFF mov­ing for­ward a FH Film Soci­ety is being launched at the Open­ing Night Gala Nov. 6 at the Whit­ti­er, this effort is being led by our new Board Mem­ber, David Ander­son. This is an annu­al giv­ing pro­gram with 3 lev­els of giv­ing and some great ben­e­fits!


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