Friday Harbor Film Festival

Anthony D. Vivenzio

anthony-d-vivenzioAnthony D. Vivenzio – Board Member

Fifteen years ago, Anthony “Tony” Vivenzio realized his dream of “graduating” from urban professional and personal life and moved with his wife, Megan, to a place that possessed all of the physical, maritime beauty, and social connectedness he was seeking, San Juan Island. Here, he can cruise their sailboat, direct and act in plays, and take part in and serve a “face to face community,” so necessary in these times.

Emerging from a too often less-than-cordial environment, he now enjoys a law practice he has described in magazine articles as “idyllic.”

Tony has dedicated much of his practice to dispute resolution, rather than dispute creation. He is a certified mediator and arbitrator, and has taught dispute resolution to high school students and pre-teens.  His involvement in matters of public interest has included founding a legal aid program serving Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, representing children in juvenile court, directing a program representing indigent parties in family court, and advocating for fire fighters around the state.

Following his love of film, he has studied and apprenticed under award winning filmmaker Laszlo Pal, a major supporter of our Friday Harbor Film Festival. He came to the Board of the Film Festival after exiting a particularly inspiring film shown during the Festival’s first run, thoughtful and, yes, misty-eyed.  His counsel to visitors to the Festival:

“This is not an event for the faint of heart or mind.  Open your minds and hearts, and enjoy.  That will be your ticket.”


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