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Audience Choice Winter Film Series

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The Fri­day Har­bor FILM Fes­ti­val is delight­ed to announce the 2016 Audi­ence Choice Win­ter Film Series. It will run Jan­u­ary through May on the first and third Tues­days of each month, at 7 PM at the Grange. All the films screened this com­ing win­ter are audi­ence select­ed as their favorites.

The Win­ter Film Series will be host­ed by There­sa Simendinger. She is tak­ing on the respon­si­bil­i­ty of coor­di­nat­ing this very impor­tant event for the Fri­day Har­bor Film Fes­ti­val. If you would like to help, please stop by our office to sign up, or write info@fhff.org. Screen­ing fees and venue cost for each of these films are paid for by your dona­tions so your gen­eros­i­ty is extreme­ly appre­ci­at­ed.

Our first film on Jan­u­ary 5th is Kill­switch; a grip­ping doc­u­men­tary about the bat­tle for con­trol over the Inter­net. Free speech, inno­va­tion and democ­ra­cy are all up for grabs as the Inter­net comes under attack for its dis­rup­tive and dynam­ic nature. The film­mak­ers frame the sto­ry of two young “hac­tivists,” Aaron Swartz and Edward Snow­den, whose lives par­al­lel one anoth­er as they free infor­ma­tion to mil­lions, putting both of them direct­ly into the cross-hairs of the world’s most pow­er­ful inter­ests.

This film probes the efforts of big busi­ness to con­trol the Inter­net, the efforts of gov­ern­ment to reg­u­late it, and the efforts of hack­ers to free up infor­ma­tion world­wide as well as the con­se­quences of doing this. Will the expe­ri­ences of Swartz and Snow­den be a cau­tion­ary tale of what hap­pens when you dare to take on elite pow­er struc­tures? Or could their efforts become the spark ignit­ing a rev­o­lu­tion that rede­fines democ­ra­cy in the dig­i­tal age? Win­ner of the Award for Best Edit­ing of a Fea­ture Doc­u­men­tary at 2014 Wood­stock Film Fes­ti­val

Our sec­ond film on Jan­u­ary 19th is Buck; Win­ner of Tales of the Heart at the 2015 FHFF “Your horse is a mir­ror to your soul, and some­times you may not like what you see. Some­times, you will.” So says Buck Bran­na­man, a true Amer­i­can cow­boy and sage on horse­back who trav­els the coun­try for nine gru­el­ing months a year help­ing hors­es with peo­ple prob­lems. Buck, a rich­ly tex­tured and visu­al­ly stun­ning film, fol­lows Bran­na­man from his abu­sive child­hood to his phe­nom­e­nal­ly suc­cess­ful approach to hors­es. A real-life “horse-whis­per­er,” he eschews the vio­lence of his upbring­ing and teach­es peo­ple to com­mu­ni­cate with their hors­es through lead­er­ship and sen­si­tiv­i­ty, not pun­ish­ment.

Buck pos­sess­es near mag­i­cal abil­i­ties as he dra­mat­i­cal­ly trans­forms hors­es – and peo­ple – with his under­stand­ing, com­pas­sion and respect. In this film, the ani­mal-human rela­tion­ship becomes a metaphor for fac­ing the dai­ly chal­lenges of life. A tru­ly Amer­i­can sto­ry about an unsung hero, Buck is about an ordi­nary man who has made an extra­or­di­nary life despite tremen­dous odds. Also Win­ner of the U.S. Doc­u­men­tary Audi­ence Award at 2011 Sun­dance Film Fes­ti­val and 10 oth­er awards in 2011 and 2012

Plan to join us this win­ter to see all those films you missed or want to see again!!!

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