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Calling All Fisherman — Don’t miss the next Tuesday Night Films at the Grange

Not one but TWO outstanding fishing documentaries are being shown on Tuesday April 1st at 7pm.

East­ern Ris­es

eastern rises movieA coura­geous band of fly fish­er­men risks every­thing in one of the last wild places on earth, the Kam­chat­ka Penin­su­la of the Russ­ian Far East.  It may as well be at the end of the earth.  Its enor­mous, wild land­scape is thread­ed with rivers, teem­ing with mas­sive mouse-eat­ing trout, bugs and bears. In oth­er words, this place is the Holy Grail for tru­ly obsessed, halfway insane fly fish­er­men. They brave Cold War heli­copters, griz­zlies, mas­sive mos­qui­toes, and even Big­foot in search of rain­bow trout, salmon and the ulti­mate fish sto­ry.

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Red Gold

Red GoldImag­ine a pris­tine Alaskan water­shed with the most pro­duc­tive Sock­eye salmon rivers in the world, teem­ing with mil­lions of native fish push­ing up riv­er to spawn. Now imag­ine the world’s largest open pit gold and cop­per mine at their head­wa­ters. This film by co-direc­tors Travis Rum­mel and Ben Knight has done much to bring Alaska’s Peb­ble Min­ing con­tro­ver­sy to the fore­front of pub­lic con­scious­ness.  The film fol­lows the sub­sis­tence and com­mer­cial salmon fish­er­men of Bris­tol Bay, Alas­ka, as they work tire­less­ly to make their liv­ing off the land and water, and com­bat the pro­posed open pit gold and cop­per Peb­ble Mine.

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