Friday Harbor Film Festival

Captain Lynn Danaher

lynn-danaherCaptain Lynn Danaher, Director

I have spent my life around the marine environment. I studied Polynesian pre-history at the University of Hawaii, but most of what I’ve learned has been self-taught and in the field.

In 1970, my spirit of adventure took me to Alaska, where I raised my family, spent five years homesteading, and spent 14 years as a commercial fisherman. I’ve explored most of the coastline of Alaska and Canada to Seattle.

I’ve always had strong interests in both local politics and environmental issues. In 1989, I worked on the front lines during the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and later participated in an expedition along the Alaska Peninsula to assess the long-term damage.  I left Alaska in 1994 and started a whale watch company in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. I acted as vessel coordinator for Warner Bros during the filming of Free Willy 2 and became the liaison for the Washington State Film Commission for the San Juan Islands, working with several location scouts.

I have been a USCG Licensed Master and Dive Master for 20+ years, former chair of the PNW Chapter of the Explorers Club and Founding Member/President of the Pacific Islands Research Institute a non-profit. Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors of The Explorers Club. I have completed numerous expeditions in French Polynesia, Easter Island, plus 2 in Canada. Served as an expedition guide and zodiac driver on ships for 7 years, I have traveled to all seven continents, voyaging the length and breadth of the Pacific Ocean, from Siberia to Antarctica and Chile to New Zealand.

In 2013 along with Karen Palmer, we founded the Friday Harbor Film Festival.

For the past 4 years we have coordinated the annual event. Which celebrates filmmakers and showcases their documentary films of compelling stories of the Pacific Rim and Beyond.   ENTERTAIN*INSPIRE*ENLIGHTEN

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