The sec­ond Andrew V. McLa­glen Life­time Achieve­ment Award will be pre­sent­ed to Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott, cel­e­brat­ing their out­stand­ing careers in film and tele­vi­sion, at the Open­ing Night Gala on Fri­day, Novem­ber 6.

katherine-rossKatharine Ross most recent­ly appeared as the psy­chi­a­trist in Don­nie Darko with Drew Bar­ry­more and Jake Gyl­len­haal and in Home Before Dark as a young girl’s aunt who demands the impos­si­ble from the niece who is placed in her care. She appeared in the high­ly-rat­ed Conagher for TNT in which she co-starred with her hus­band, Sam Elliott, who pro­duced. She and Elliott, togeth­er with Jef­frey Mey­er also wrote the tele­play.

Ross has a wealth of the­atri­cal and tele­vi­sion cred­its to her name, includ­ing Wrong is Right, oppo­site Sean Con­nery; The Step­ford Wives; The Final Count­down, oppo­site Kirk Dou­glas; Hell­fight­ers, with John Wayne; The Bet­sy, oppo­site Lau­rence Olivi­er and Tom­my Lee Jones; Voy­age of the Damned, with Orson Wells and Fay Dun­away; Games, co-star­ring Simone Sig­noret; and Shenan­doah with Jim­my Stew­art.

She is prob­a­bly best known for her role oppo­site Paul New­man and Robert Red­ford in Butch Cas­sidy and the Sun­dance Kid for which she received the Best Actress Award from the British Acad­e­my of Film and Tele­vi­sion Arts. In 1967 she earned an Oscar nom­i­na­tion as Best Sup­port­ing Actress for her per­for­mance in The Grad­u­ate. She received a Gold­en Globe Award for her work in The Grad­u­ate and was award­ed a sec­ond Gold­en Globe in 1976 for her role in Voy­age of the Damned.

While film­ing The Lega­cy, she met and mar­ried Sam Elliott. On TV, as well as appear­ing as a series reg­u­lar in The Colby’s, she stared in Hous­ton: The Leg­end of Texas, Travis McGee, Mur­der in Texas, and Louis l’Amour’s The Shad­ow Rid­ers – all with Elliott. She and Sam have a daugh­ter, Cleo, and live on a ranch above Mal­ibu.

sam-elliotSam Elliott began his career as a char­ac­ter actor in west­erns, debut­ing in Butch Cas­sidy and the Sun­dance Kid. He act­ed in many films, TV movies and TV series through­out his long career. He also appeared in non-west­erns, includ­ing The Lega­cy, Life­guard and Road House. On TV Elliott starred as Doug Robert in Mis­sion: Impos­si­ble, and played the lead char­ac­ter Elliott Damon in the NBC minis­eries Once an Eagle. He appeared on many oth­er TV shows, includ­ing Gun­smoke, The Sacketts,The Shad­ow Rid­ers and The Yel­low Rose.

In the 1990s, Elliott returned to west­erns, play­ing every­one from Brig. Gen. John Buford in the Film Get­tys­burg to Wild Bill Hickok in the made-for-TV movie Buf­fa­lo Girls. In 1991 he wrote the screen­play and co-starred with his wife, Katharine Ross, in the made-for-TV west­ern Conagher. Recent­ly Elliott appeared in the pop­u­lar TV series
Parks and Recre­ation and Jus­ti­fied, as well as many oth­er film and TV pro­duc­tions, includ­ing play­ing Mar­vel Comics char­ac­ters Gen­er­al Ross in Hulk and the Care­tak­er in Ghost Rid­er.

Elliott has received many awards for his work. Most notably, he was twice nom­i­nat­ed for Gold­en Globes, Best Per­for­mance by an Actor in a Sup­port­ing Role, Mini-Series or Motion Pic­ture Made for TV for his roles in Buf­fa­lo Girls (1996) and in Conagher (1992). He was nom­i­nat­ed in 2013 for a Prime time Emmy for Out­stand­ing Voice-Over Per­for­mance as Nar­ra­tor in Robot Chick­en and for a Prime­time Emmy in 1995 for Out­stand­ing Sup­port­ing Actor in a Minis­eries or TV Spe­cial for play­ing Wild Bill Hickok in Buf­fa­lo Girls.