Friday Harbor Film Festival

Laura Saccio

laura-saccioLaura Saccio, Board Member

Laura Saccio lives on the beautiful San Juan Island, a small and magical place she loves to share with strangers. 15 years ago, Laura moved to the island, bought an old inn and gave it a new life.  The task was no small undertaking, but she decided to do it again 3 years later with another island property.  Now, Laura owns and operates two hotels and one spa in Friday Harbor. She has been living and breathing eco-friendly tourism ever since.  She has been on the board of the County Visitors Bureau for 14 years, doing her tour as president and has served on the Friday Harbor Lodging Tax committee for nearly as long.  She recently became an empty-nester, and quickly tired of twiddling her thumbs, she joined the Board of the documentary-based Friday Harbor Film Festival. Her involvement transformed the film festival with her positive energy and great ideas.

Besides sitting in meetings and figuring out what new project to take on next, Laura spends her time flying her plane, traveling to new places, visiting her daughters in Alaska and BC, or sailing the beautiful waters around the islands.

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