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Memoirs of a Volunteer at the 2015 <span class="caps">FHFF</span>

Zandra Gutierrez and Cynthia Broom Townsend

Zan­dra Gutier­rez and Cyn­thia Broom Townsend

When my friend Zan­dra Gutier­rez asked me to vol­un­teer at the 2015 Fri­day Har­bor Film Fes­ti­val, I was hes­i­tant. For me, com­ing from Kansas City, Mis­souri, it’s cars, planes, bus­es, fer­ries and walk­ing before I even pull on my vol­un­teer shirt. Then I remem­bered the beau­ty of the islands; the excite­ment of the inau­gur­al fes­ti­val, and pas­sages were booked.

There are two ways to approach my expe­ri­ences at this years’ fes­ti­val. One would be to con­cen­trate on the fan­tas­tic doc­u­men­taries. Doc­u­men­taries are knowl­edge through enter­tain­ment. To attend movies of such qual­i­ty and inter­est that no one moves, let alone speaks or texts on cell phones, is an expe­ri­ence in and of itself. To wit­ness grown men cry dur­ing a movie about vio­lence against women, caus­es a rise in hope for every woman who also views the film. Watch­ing four young males grad­u­ate from col­lege fore­go­ing cap­i­tal­ist gains to pro­mote adven­ture, their love of wild mus­tangs and our west­ern land­scapes, by rid­ing from the Mex­i­co bor­der to the Cana­di­an bor­der was heart­en­ing. The sub­ject mat­ter was about the mus­tangs, but the lessons were in young lead­er­ship, team­work, respect­ing nature, and appre­ci­at­ing the wis­dom of elders. I learned how to die in Ore­gon and explore Mars. I learned.

The sec­ond way to describe my expe­ri­ences is by focus­ing on com­mu­ni­ty spir­it. Fri­day Har­bor is the most pop­ulist of the San Juan Islands in Wash­ing­ton State. Which is not to say it’s met­ro­pol­i­tan. There­in lies the beau­ty. It’s a 24/7 ver­sion of Brigadoon in the Pacif­ic North­west. The pop­u­la­tion is small, but their ded­i­ca­tion to the suc­cess of the Film Fes­ti­val goes far beyond being neigh­bor­ly. It’s com­mu­ni­ty sup­port, com­mit­ment, loy­al­ty, depend­abil­i­ty, and gen­eros­i­ty in motion. Vol­un­teers showed up en masse. Direc­tors were acces­si­ble and approach­able, will­ing to indulge in self­ies, auto­graphs and dis­cus­sions about their film work,

I have vol­un­teered all over the world. This expe­ri­ence was one of my most enjoy­able. In a film can­is­ter; attend­ing next years fes­ti­val should be on everyone’s buck­et list. Thank you Lynn, Karen, and Zan­dra, for putting togeth­er a top­notch fes­ti­val. You are a small, but tal­ent­ed, group of ded­i­cat­ed women who know how to do things right.

Cyn­thia Broom Townsend

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