3022 ft.

Finalist For Best Feature And Best Cinematography In The Trail Running Film Festival

3022 ft. (directed by Max Romey and Natalie Fedak) provides an intimate look at one of the world’s most dangerous trail races: Alaska’s Mt. Marathon, loved by athletes and spectators for its challenging course. For over a hundred years on the 4th of July, runners have dared cliffs, scree fields and waterfalls in a race up and down the 3022 feet of Mt. Marathon. The film chronicles three athletes during the 2014 race: a stay-at-home mom who challenged an Olympic skier for the women’s title; the men’s record-holder who fought to retain his title in a field of highly competitive professionals; and a former junior champion who searched for a second chance after struggling with injury and drug addiction. Guiding us through the race is “Man of the Mountain” Flip Foldager, a Seward native and a 35-time race finisher. Intimate interviews with the top athletes reveal an inspiring story about running, community, personal strength and a race you’ll have to see to believe.

Released in 2015
Running time: 65 minutes

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