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A Hand to Stand

Direc­tors: Matt Miles and Lind­say Marie Stew­art

Win­ner of Best Film Short at the 2013 Waimea Ocean­ic Fes­ti­val

Sev­en indige­nous high school stu­dents who inhab­it the Great Bear Rain­for­est on the coast of British Colum­bia build their own stand-up pad­dle­boards from local­ly-sourced red and yel­low cedar.  The stu­dents’ project encour­ages them to con­nect with their envi­ron­ment and to take pride in them­selves and their cul­ture.

The sto­ry is inspir­ing because the odds are stacked against Cana­di­an Abo­rig­i­nals fin­ish­ing school and break­ing out of the pover­ty trap.

Released in 2013

20 min­utes

Short Film


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