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Appetite for Invasives

Direc­tor: Emi­ly Driscoll

Adding inva­sive species — such as lion­fish and Asian carp — to dietary choic­es can be an effec­tive way to remove the pres­sure from over-fished species as well as threats to native ani­mals. The film fol­lows exot­ic foods spe­cial­ist Gene Rur­ka as he choos­es the menu and recipes for the 112th Explor­ers Club Annu­al Din­ner recep­tion.

Ecol­o­gist Carl Safi­na con­sults with Rur­ka on his seafood choic­es and dis­cuss­es the chal­lenges and impli­ca­tions of eat­ing inva­sive marine crea­tures.

Released in 2016

6 min­utes

Short Film