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The Barefoot Bandit

The Bare­foot Ban­dit is hav­ing its pre­mier show­ing at the Fri­day Har­bor Film Fes­ti­val, tells the almost unbe­liev­able tale of the life and cap­ture of North­west native Colton Har­ris-Moore, fol­low­ing his leg­endary two-year inter­na­tion­al crime spree (which includ­ed exploits in the San Juans) that cap­tured the imag­i­na­tion of the pub­lic and press around the nation.

The film explores the dynam­ics of Harris-Moore’s fam­i­ly as well as his per­son­al explo­ration and growth. The teenage boy who camped in the woods and, wear­ing no shoes, broke into vaca­tion homes, became obsessed with air­planes. His dream of fly­ing and design­ing air­planes became a real­i­ty when he ran away from a halfway house at the age of 15 and stole the first of five air­planes. He sur­vived sev­er­al crash land­ings while fly­ing across the U.S. and even­tu­al­ly end­ed up in the Bahamas, where he was arrest­ed.  Colton’s cap­tor, lawyer, moth­er and the FBI team that hunt­ed him for two years, as well as oth­ers involved in this real-life dra­ma, tell the tru­ly amaz­ing sto­ry of “The Bare­foot Ban­dit.”

Run­ning time:  74 min­utes