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Berni’s Journey

Berni’s Jour­ney (direct­ed by Bernadette Slowey) What if you pur­sued your dream only to have it become a night­mare, forc­ing you to ques­tion your­self and every­thing you thought you believed? Bank­ing exec­u­tive Berni had ide­al­ized the Amer­i­can Dream from her ear­li­est mem­o­ries as a child evac­u­at­ing Saigon, and lat­er flee­ing her war-torn home in Iran. When the mar­ried moth­er of two leaves a tox­ic work envi­ron­ment and a suc­cess­ful 20-year career, she sud­den­ly finds her­self at a cross­roads, fac­ing an iden­ti­ty cri­sis.

The movie Berni’s Jour­ney rep­re­sents bro­ken dreams and the chal­lenges we con­front when faced with an unwel­come tran­si­tion. Berni’s per­son­al jour­ney begins with a mis­sion to turn her child­hood pas­sion for film into a mean­ing­ful career. Fate inter­venes when she is invit­ed to attend a spir­i­tu­al­i­ty con­fer­ence in India. Look­ing for answers to dif­fi­cult tran­si­tions, Berni plans to inter­view the speak­ers dur­ing the con­fer­ence and on a pre-arranged group tour after­ward. Her leap of faith seems des­tined as pieces fall into place, but after arriv­ing in India she dis­cov­ers the con­fer­ence isn’t what she envi­sioned, and the tour has been can­celled.

Berni is on the verge of a melt­down. She has risked time and mon­ey on what now feels like an impul­sive whim. How­ev­er, when the con­fer­ence con­cludes and the spir­i­tu­al lead­ers join the inti­mate film group to sal­vage their planned tour, the camera’s focus shifts. Berni’s dri­ve for per­fec­tion comes full cir­cle in the moment when she con­fronts her biggest fear.

Stun­ning imagery is inter­wo­ven with the unplanned path this career-dri­ven-pro­fes­sion­al-turned-film­mak­er takes on a quest of self dis­cov­ery and ulti­mate­ly, trans­for­ma­tion.

Released in 2015
Run­ning time: 61 min­utes

1:00 pm on Fri., Nov. 6th at the Grange
3:00 pm on Sat., Nov 7th at the Grange