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Bright­wood is the sto­ry of a young girl’s real and imag­i­nary lives, com­bin­ing the theme of inno­cence with the deep­er human needs of find­ing home and fam­i­ly. Spar­row, age 10, wakes one morn­ing to dis­cov­er a nest of baby mice in her sock draw­er. Attempt­ing to care for them, she takes them along on her mys­te­ri­ous dai­ly rou­tine, col­lect­ing var­i­ous trea­sures she finds as she rides her bicy­cle through the for­est, along the beach and up and down qui­et rur­al roads. She heads for the sanc­tu­ary she has cre­at­ed in a run-down house deep in the for­est, where she keeps her trea­sures and hides from the rest of the world. Along the way, the mice face dan­ger and aban­don­ment, but even in Sparrow’s sanc­tu­ary, they are unable to sur­vive. Spar­row returns home to her par­ents, and the rea­son for her need to find a fam­i­ly is revealed as she faces a chal­lenge greater than any child should.

Bright­wood is a short film that was shot right here on San Juan Island in August 2011.  The film was writ­ten by LaDo­ra Mis­han Sel­la, direct­ed by Lau­taro Babriel Gon­da, and inde­pen­dent­ly pro­duced by Write This Way Pro­duc­tions.  It pre­miered in May 2012 at the Seat­tle Inter­na­tion­al Film Fes­ti­val and was an offi­cial selec­tion at both the San­ta Fe Film Fes­ti­val and the Taco­ma Film Fes­ti­val, where it won “Best Region­al Film.”  Bright­wood con­tin­ues to screen at film fes­ti­vals around the coun­try.  The cast includes Lau­ren-Brooks Wil­son, Jon­ah Beres, Ste­fan Hajek and Sam Mot­ley.

Run­ning time:  19 min­utes.