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Call of the Ancient Mariner

Win­ner of the Best of Fes­ti­val Award at 2015 Charleston Film Fes­ti­val

Call of the Ancient Mariner (direct­ed by David Wein­traub) explores the extra­or­di­nary con­nec­tion between sea tur­tles and human cul­ture. Sea tur­tles, the world’s only liv­ing dinosaur, have graced our plan­et for over 150 mil­lion years. And through­out the course of his­to­ry, peo­ple have been cap­ti­vat­ed by these icon­ic crea­tures, mak­ing them our totem; our deity; our source of wis­dom, fer­til­i­ty and longevi­ty. Man’s first writ­ing was done on the back of a tur­tle shell, and the first known coin has a sea tur­tle on it. The Maya based their sophis­ti­cat­ed astro­nom­i­cal sys­tem on the scutes (exter­nal bony plates) of a tur­tle. This film doc­u­ments these fas­ci­nat­ing his­tor­i­cal con­nec­tions, what they mean for us today and how they inform our cur­rent con­ser­va­tion efforts. It is note­wor­thy that although sea tur­tles sur­vived ice ages and mass extinc­tions, their biggest test – sur­viv­ing mankind – is still a haunt­ing ques­tion mark.

Released in 2015
Run­ning time: 77 min­utes

10:00 am on Fri., Nov. 6th at The Earth­box
6:00 pm on Sat., Nov. 7th at The Earth­box