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Cousins Across the Sea

Fol­low­ing the trail of ancient his­to­ries

Cousins Across the Sea (direct­ed by Peter Marsh and Gabi Plumm) tells of an ancient leg­end that lies buried deep in the vaults of the Bish­op Muse­um in Hon­olu­lu — a leg­end that holds a secret so pre­cious that its very exis­tence has been hid­den from the Hawai­ian peo­ple for more than two cen­turies. Explor­ers Peter Marsh and Gabi Plumm set out on a voy­age of dis­cov­ery, deter­mined to find out if this leg­end real­ly tells where the Hawai­ian peo­ple came from. The dis­pute between sci­ence and folk­lore is brought into sharp focus in this inci­sive and prob­ing film about the true ori­gins of the East­ern Poly­ne­sian peo­ple. It explores leg­ends, genealo­gies, toolk­its, sea lev­els and DNA find­ings to deter­mine the truth. Trav­el­ing from Hawaii to Hai­da Gwaii, Alas­ka to Bel­la Coola, British Colum­bia to New Zealand, the explor­ers talk with keep­ers of the chants, arche­ol­o­gists, his­to­ri­ans and descen­dants of the first Hawai­ians. Their inves­ti­ga­tion ver­i­fies the sto­ries of the peo­ple of the Pacif­ic, paint­ing a com­pelling pic­ture of how East­ern Poly­ne­sia was actu­al­ly col­o­nized.

Released in 2013
Run­ning time: 58 min­utes

Explor­ers and Adven­tures