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  • Oct. 26-28 2018

Dancing with Thoreau

Danc­ing with Thore­au (direct­ed by Chris Kor­row) is a unique envi­ron­men­tal film told from the per­spec­tive of a nat­u­ral­ist and organ­ic farmer. As cli­mate sci­en­tists tell us we are head­ing toward irre­versible cli­mate change, many of us do our best to “go green.” Through this film, Chris Kor­row artic­u­lates a dif­fer­ent kind of envi­ron­men­tal activism, one where we are “opti­mized through our encoun­ters with nature” and our lives become more com­pas­sion­ate, suc­cess­ful, bal­anced and inter­est­ing as a result. Thore­au noticed our society’s dis­con­nec­tion to nature a cen­tu­ry and a half ago, and our con­nec­tion has plum­met­ed since. How can we care for some­thing when we have lit­tle or no real con­nec­tion to it? Jour­ney with the film­mak­er as he explores the ben­e­fits of a con­nec­tion with nature, how and why our West­ern soci­ety can and should recon­nect with our envi­ron­ment and how we as indi­vid­u­als can deep­en that con­nec­tion and reap its many ben­e­fits.

Released in 2014
Run­ning time: 76 min­utes

12:45 pm on Fri., Nov. 6th at The Earth­box
3:00 pm on Sat., Nov. 7th at Fri­day Har­bor House