Dogs on the Inside

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at 2014 FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Best Documentary Feature at 2014 Rockport Film Festival

Dogs on the Inside (directed by Brean Cunningham & Douglas Seirup) follows the relationships between neglected and abused rescue dogs and Massachusetts prison inmates as they work together towards a second chance at a better life: a forever home for the dogs and a positive life outside prison for the inmates. To re-build their confidence and prepare for that new life outside, the prisoners first must learn to handle and care for the strays. Connected by their troubled pasts, the dogs learn to have faith in people again, while the inmates are reminded of their own humanity and capacity for love and empathy. This heart-warming story, a life-affirming testament to the power of second chances, reaffirms the timeless connection between man and dog, showing the resiliency of a dog’s trust and the generosity of the human spirit in the unlikeliest of places.

Released in 2014
Running time: 67 minutes

6:00 pm on Sat., Nov. 7th at SJCT’s Whittier Theater
3:00 pm on Sun., Nov. 8th at The Earthbox