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A Gentleman of Adventure

The film chron­i­cles the extra­or­di­nary life of San Juan Islander Ernest K. Gann, who is known the world over for his best-sell­ing books, many of which were made into major motion pic­tures (Island in The Sky, The High and Mighty, Sol­dier of For­tune, Twi­light for the Gods, Fate is the Hunter, Gen­tle­men of Adven­ture, Band of Broth­ers, The Avi­a­tor).  He lived on San Juan Island with his wife Dodie Gann from 1966 until his death in 1991. When he wasn’t writ­ing he was an air­line pilot, sailor, ranch­er and artist. Fly­ing, how­ev­er, was his pas­sion. He flew for com­mer­cial air­lines and, dur­ing World War II, pilot­ed C-87 trans­ports for the U.S. Army Air Forces. His wartime flights took him to Europe, Africa, South Amer­i­ca, India and oth­er exot­ic places. This film is the true sto­ry of a man who searched out adven­ture the world over and earned the title “a gen­tle­man of adven­ture.”

Run­ning time:  55 min­utes

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