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  • Oct. 26-28 2018

Having it All

Hav­ing It All (direct­ed by Vla­da Knowl­ton, released 2015) explores the chal­lenges women face when try­ing to bal­ance a pro­fes­sion­al life with mar­riage and chil­dren. Says the film-mak­er, “It’s a tough predica­ment. On the one hand it seems absolute­ly clear to me that all peo­ple must have the free­dom to both pur­sue their own voca­tion­al goals and start their fam­i­lies. On the oth­er hand it also seems clear that, at least in our coun­try, this is still a very dif­fi­cult thing to do.” To illus­trate this dilem­ma, she fol­lows three Seat­tle women who are deter­mined to have it all. The film explores the often-frus­trat­ing truths about mod­ern moth­er­hood in a tech­nol­o­gy-dri­ven world, gen­der stereo­types around par­ent­ing, and the gaps in Amer­i­can poli­cies and busi­ness cul­ture that impact new par­ents. The doc­u­men­tary is sure to res­onate with both men and women who are think­ing about — or strug­gling with — com­bin­ing their pro­fes­sion­al aspi­ra­tions with par­ent­hood.

Run­ning time: 53 min­utes

2:00 pm on Fri., Nov. 6th at SJCT’s Gubel­man The­ater
10:30 am on Sun., Nov. 8th at SJCT’s Gubel­man The­ater