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Win­ner of the Award for Best Edit­ing of a Fea­ture Doc­u­men­tary at 2014 Wood­stock Film Fes­ti­val

Kill­switch (direct­ed by Ali Akbarzadeh) is a grip­ping doc­u­men­tary about the bat­tle for con­trol over the Inter­net. Free speech, inno­va­tion and democ­ra­cy are all up for grabs as the Inter­net comes under attack for its dis­rup­tive and dynam­ic nature. The film­mak­ers frame the sto­ry of two young “hac­tivists,” Aaron Swartz and Edward Snow­den, whose lives par­al­lel one anoth­er as they free infor­ma­tion to mil­lions, putting both of them direct­ly into the cross-hairs of the world’s most pow­er­ful inter­ests. This film probes the efforts of big busi­ness to con­trol the Inter­net, the efforts of gov­ern­ment to reg­u­late it, and the efforts of hack­ers to free up infor­ma­tion world­wide as well as the con­se­quences of doing this. Will the expe­ri­ences of Swartz and Snow­den be a cau­tion­ary tale of what hap­pens when you dare to take on elite pow­er struc­tures? Or could their efforts become the spark ignit­ing a rev­o­lu­tion that rede­fines democ­ra­cy in the dig­i­tal age?

Released in 2014
Run­ning time: 72 min­utes

3:30 pm on Fri., Nov. 6th at The Earth­box
12:30 pm on Sat., Nov. 7th at Fri­day Har­bor House