Lost and Found

Official Selection in 2015 at festivals in Portland, Anchorage, Victoria

Lost and Found (directed by John Choi and Nicolina Lanni) tells the story of massive amounts of debris from Japan’s horrific 2011 tsunami — fragments of coastal towns, fishing communities and rural villages – all evidence not only of the 15,000 lives lost to the waves, but also of the despair of survivors dealing with belongings they thought to be lost forever. The film shows the work of government officials, scientists and beachcombers from two continents, separated by the great vastness of the Pacific Ocean, collaborating in a common effort to collect and track items that are washing up on North America’s shores in order to return them to their rightful owners in Japan. This story of resilience shines a light on shared memories, losses being mourned, and the great joy of people being united with their belongings.

Released in 2014
Running time: 82 minutes

Explorers and Adventures


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