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Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

Win­ner of 2016 Day­time Emmy Award and awards at 2014 and 2015 film fes­ti­vals

Matt Shep­ard Is a Friend of Mine (direct­ed by Michele Josue) is an inti­mate por­trait of Matthew Shep­ard, the gay young man mur­dered in 1998 in one of the most noto­ri­ous hate crimes in U.S. his­to­ry. This tragedy made head­lines around the world. As peo­ple denounced the hatred and sense­less vio­lence that caused Matthew’s death, a much-need­ed dia­logue about hate crimes and intol­er­ance against the LGBT com­mu­ni­ty began and con­tin­ues to this day. Framed through a per­son­al lens, the film tells the sto­ry of loss, love, and courage in the face of unspeak­able tragedy. Michele Josue trav­els to piv­otal loca­tions in Shepard’s life, inter­view­ing friends and fam­i­ly mem­bers. Through her eyes and the mem­o­ries of those who knew him, view­ers get acquaint­ed with the man behind the head­lines. It is the sto­ry of love and grief that does not go away, dis­play­ing first hand the dev­as­ta­tion of intol­er­ance, the pow­er of love, and the beau­ty of com­pas­sion.

Released in 2014
Run­ning time: 89 min­utes

Tales from the Heart