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Mission Blue

Direc­tor: Fish­er Stevens

Win­ner of the 2015 News and Doc­u­men­tary Emmy® Award for Out­stand­ing Edit­ing – Doc­u­men­tary and Long Form

Leg­endary oceanog­ra­ph­er Sylvia Ear­le is on a per­son­al mis­sion to save our oceans. Mis­sion Blue

is part ocean­ic road trip, part biog­ra­phy, part action adven­ture sto­ry, and part expose of an eco-dis­as­ter. The film deft­ly weaves her unique per­son­al his­to­ry with the pas­sion that con­sumes her today: cre­at­ing a glob­al parks sys­tem for the ocean that she calls “Hope Spots.” Mis­sion Blue, shot dur­ing a three-year peri­od in numer­ous loca­tions around the world, tack­les the daunt­ing chal­lenge of how to pro­tect the glob­al ocean that is now under attack as nev­er before.

Ambi­tious in its visu­al lan­guage, goals, and pas­sions for change, the film is a wake-up call for every­one who has ever cared about or expe­ri­enced the ocean, as well as for those far inland who are depen­dent on rain­wa­ter, clean air, and weath­er cycles reg­u­lat­ed by the ocean.

As Sylvia says, “No blue, no green.  No ocean, no us.”

Released in 2014

95 min­utes

Tales from the Heart




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