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New Zealand — Skeletons in the Cupboard, Episode One — The Redheads

Sequel to Cousins Across the Sea — The Peo­ples of The Pacif­ic

New Zealand — Skele­tons in the Cup­board, Episode One – The Red­heads (direct­ed by Peter Marsh) digs deeply into the offi­cial­ly-denied his­to­ry of the pre-Maori tribes, includ­ing the ear­li­est inhab­i­tants of New Zealand. Accord­ing to Maori oral tra­di­tion, when the first Poly­ne­sian canoes arrived in New Zealand, the area was already inhab­it­ed by Aryans who had migrat­ed to the islands of the Pacif­ic from India and Peru. How­ev­er, main­stream his­to­ri­ans have tra­di­tion­al­ly dis­missed these the­o­ries as spec­u­la­tive and lack­ing evi­dence. Through inter­views with archae­ol­o­gists, car­bon dat­ing, DNA analy­sis and exam­i­na­tion of his­tor­i­cal records, the film­mak­ers present com­pelling infor­ma­tion to sup­port the sto­ries about the pow­er­ful but peace-lov­ing red or gold­en haired, green-eyed ear­li­est inhab­i­tants of New Zealand.

Released in 2015
Run­ning time: 60 min­utes

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