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No Place on Earth

Win­ner of the Audi­ence Award at the 2012 Hamp­tons Inter­na­tion­al Film Fes­ti­val

No Place on Earth (direct­ed by Janet Tobias) tells the har­row­ing sto­ry of 38 Ukrain­ian Jews from five fam­i­lies — rang­ing in age from 2 to 76 — who in 1942 slid down a cold, mud­dy hole in the ground, seek­ing refuge in a pitch-black cave from the war rag­ing above. Their sto­ry was brought to light in the 1990s, when Amer­i­can Chris Nico­la stum­bled onto some unusu­al per­son­al items (shoes, keys, old but­tons, etc.) in caves he was explor­ing. When he heard the rumor that some Jews had hid­den there dur­ing WWII, he tracked down and inter­viewed some of the sur­vivors, learn­ing that they had remained hid­den under­ground for near­ly 18 months, the longest record­ed inci­dence of sus­tained under­ground sur­vival. The film is a mov­ing, extra­or­di­nary tes­ta­ment to human inge­nu­ity, willpow­er and endurance against all odds.

Released in 2012
Run­ning time: 83 min­utes

10:00 am on Sun., Nov. 8th at The Earth­box
1:00 pm on Sun., Nov. 8th at SJCT’s Whit­ti­er The­ater