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Passage to Mars

Pas­sage To Mars Teas­er Trail­er #2 (2015) from Jules Verne Adven­tures on Vimeo.

Pas­sage to Mars (film­mak­ers Frédéric Dieudonné and Christophe Jeauf­fre of Jules Verne Adven­tures, released 2015) doc­u­ments the expe­ri­ences of six men who are dis­patched to the frozen sea of the for­bid­ding North­west Pas­sage as they train for a poten­tial explo­ration of Mars aboard a NASA exper­i­men­tal vehi­cle. The intre­pid explor­ers under­take a 2000-mile jour­ney that is planned to last a few weeks, but ulti­mate­ly becomes an epic two-year odyssey. Pas­sage to Mars is a com­pelling film that will touch and inspire those who think out­side the box and are will­ing to broad­en their realm of imag­i­na­tion and action. This film presents an opti­mistic vision of the true nature of humankind, as the lim­its of explo­ration are pushed for the sake of dis­cov­ery and knowl­edge. In so doing, it becomes a sym­bol of what the human spir­it can achieve.

Run­ning time: 105 min­utes

3:30 pm on Sat., Nov. 7th at SJCT’s Whit­ti­er The­ater
12:20 pm on Sun., Nov. 8th at the Grange