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  • Oct. 26-28 2018

Salmon Confidential

salmon confidential documentary film

Salmon Con­fi­den­tial is a con­tro­ver­sial film con­tend­ing that the Cana­di­an gov­ern­ment has delib­er­ate­ly cov­ered up what is killing British Columbia’s wild salmon. The sto­ry starts when biol­o­gist Alexan­dra Mor­ton dis­cov­ers that BC’s wild salmon are test­ing pos­i­tive for dan­ger­ous Euro­pean salmon virus­es asso­ci­at­ed with salmon farm­ing world­wide.  In response to the pub­lic­i­ty sur­round­ing these find­ings, the gov­ern­ment takes var­i­ous steps to sup­press the truth.  Track­ing virus­es, Mor­ton moves from court­rooms into BC’s most remote rivers, Van­cou­ver gro­cery stores, and even sushi restau­rants. Salmon Con­fi­den­tial doc­u­ments Morton’s jour­ney as she attempts to over­come the gov­ern­ment and indus­try road­blocks that are thrown in her path as she works to bring crit­i­cal infor­ma­tion to the pub­lic in time to save the wild salmon.  The film pro­vides sur­pris­ing insight into the inner work­ings of gov­ern­ment agen­cies, as well as rare footage of the bureau­crats tasked with man­ag­ing our fish and the safe­ty of our food sup­ply.

In British Colum­bia, wild pacif­ic salmon are an essen­tial species for the ecosys­tem.  They fill hun­dreds of streams and rivers, feed­ing hun­dreds of species, includ­ing humans. Since the ear­ly 1990s, salmon num­bers have rapid­ly dwin­dled. Alexan­dra Mor­ton, a Cana­di­an-Amer­i­can marine biol­o­gist best known for her 30-year study of wild killer whales in the Broughton Arch­i­pel­ago in British Colum­bia, became inter­est­ed in what was caus­ing this decline, and began exam­in­ing the impact of salmon farm­ing on Cana­di­an wild salmon. Filmed by inde­pen­dent doc­u­men­tary film­mak­er Twyla Roscovich, Salmon Con­fi­den­tial makes the case that the intro­duc­tion of farmed salmon pens is at the root of the decline, and that the Cana­di­an gov­ern­ment has act­ed reck­less­ly and irre­spon­si­bly to cov­er up the facts.

Run­ning time: 1 hour 9 min­utes.