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Sea Share

Direc­tor: Vignette Cre­ative

A social ser­vice non-prof­it found­ed in 1994 to facil­i­tate dona­tions from the seafood indus­try to hunger-relief efforts in the Unit­ed States, SeaShare strives to bring mil­lions of serv­ings of seafood into local food banks.

The orga­ni­za­tion aims to fill an essen­tial need for bet­ter nutri­tion by pro­vid­ing bal­anced meals for peo­ple who can’t man­age this on their own. Seafood packs a punch when it comes to healthy eat­ing, but it is a rare com­mod­i­ty in food banks.

Released in 2016

10 min­utes

Short Film

SeaShare POster