Friday Harbor Film Festival

Date:August 15, 2016

Taming Wild

Screened at the 2015 Seattle FIFF Center Theater and the Cinebar Theatre in Issaquah

Taming Wild – A Girl and a Mustang (directed by Elsa Sinclair) follows the journey of Myrnah, a wild mustang with her own mind, strength and sense of independence, and Elsa, a trainer who used only body language — no ropes, halters, bridles or saddles. After adopting Myrnah through the Bureau of Land Management, the San Juan Island horsewoman began a year of experimental training based on freedom, free will and cooperation. The film documents this extraordinary process, showing the development of the relationship between horse and trainer. Documented against the lush and beautiful backdrop of San Juan Island, the results of the experiment surpassed all expectations. “Horses, training and life on the whole is becoming more and more about cooperation and less and less about force. Let’s spread the ideas that support that,” Sinclair says. “The more ideas that are developed on the basis of working together, cooperating and collaborating, the better place this world will be, for both horses and people.”

Released in 2015
Running time 44 minutes

Local Heroes


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