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Terminal Velocity — The Story of Frightful

Ken Franklin knew there was some­thing spe­cial about Fright­ful, the pere­grine fal­con he raised from birth. She was faster than the oth­er fal­cons. And Franklin want­ed to know just how fast. So he and Fright­ful began tak­ing trips into the air togeth­er. They’d ride up to sev­en thou­sand feet in a sky­div­ing plane. Franklin would release Fright­ful from the plane, and then he’d leap out. The two would ren­dezvous in the air, and Franklin would let go of a weight­ed lure. The lure would plunge towards the Earth at 150 miles an hour, and Fright­ful would catch it effort­less­ly on wing. Even in a sport like speed-sky­div­ing, there are those for whom ter­mi­nal veloc­i­ty is just not fast enough. Join Franklin as he takes to the skies to sat­is­fy his own need for speed with Fright­ful, clock­ing the bird’s top speed at 183 mph as he plunges from the sky after prey.

Run­ning time:  26 min­utes

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