The Last Gold

Premiered at the 2016 LA Film Festival

The Last Gold (directed by Brian T. Brown) details one of the greatest untold stories in Olympic history – the heroic efforts of the women’s 1976 U.S. Olympic swim team as they competed against the systematically-doped East Germans. The film spotlights the members of the team – Shirley Babashoff, Wendy Boglioli, Jill Sterkey and Kim Peyton – who became surrogates in a Cold War struggle, battling a tragic conspiracy with a blazing honesty and a ferocious, endless tenacity.  After disappointing results throughout the competition, winning no races and facing a critical media that heaped on additional pressure, the U.S. women finally came together to do as a team what they could not do individually. It was not until the final race…the last gold, when four young women stepped to the blocks in an attempt to change the course of the competition. This is their story.

Released in 2016
Running time: 91 minutes

Tales from the Heart