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The Maiden of Deception Pass: Guardian of Her Samish People

Direc­tors:  Lou Karsen and Tra­cy Rec­tor

Long ago a maid­en named Ko-kwahl-alwoot risked her life to save the Samish peo­ple from star­va­tion. She agreed to mar­ry a man of the sea, who threat­ened to take the plen­ti­ful sea-life away from the area if she did not. Her reluc­tant father demand­ed that she return annu­al­ly. After 4 years, this became dif­fi­cult. Today Ko-kwahl-alwoot lives eter­nal­ly under­wa­ter.

The film tells her sto­ry about how trib­al his­to­ry inspires gen­er­a­tions of Samish peo­ple.

Released in 2015

27 min­utes

Short Film