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Under the Carpet

New Zealand appears to have a hid­den his­to­ry.  There are many hints if you look care­ful­ly under the lay­ers of lava, vol­canic ash, sand, and embar­goes.  Sci­en­tif­ic data often upholds the ancient leg­ends that are con­tained in the oral his­to­ries of the peo­ple.

There are clues from pet­ro­glyphs, stand­ing stones, and archae­o­log­i­cal digs. DNA analy­sis and the dat­ing of bones and tim­bers from ships all sug­gest that peo­ple have been vis­it­ing and liv­ing in New Zealand for thou­sands of years. But as Under the Car­pet reveals, there have been delib­er­ate cov­er-ups regard­ing many sci­en­tists’ find­ings — find­ings that have the poten­tial to rewrite the his­to­ry of the whole of Poly­ne­sia.

This intrigu­ing film was made by the same duo, Peter Marsh and Gabi Plumm, who brought us New Zealand – Skele­tons in the Cup­board and Cousins Across the Sea.

Released in 2016

58 min­utes

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