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Yasuni Man

Direc­tor: Ryan Patrick Kil­lack­ey

Win­ner of Best Fea­ture Film at 2017 New York WILD Film Fes­ti­val and the Pan­da Award for Emerg­ing Tal­ent at 2016 Wild­screen Fes­ti­val

 In the depths of South Amer­i­ca, where the Andes, the Ama­zon and the Equa­tor col­lide, a wilder­ness exists that is one of Earth’s most bio-diverse areas – a place where mam­mals (includ­ing humans), birds, plants, and amphib­ians all thrive.  Yasuni Man doc­u­ments a con­flict rag­ing deep with­in this area, pit­ting bio­di­ver­si­ty and human rights against extrac­tive indus­tries and human con­sump­tion. The Wao­rani peo­ple who inhab­it this for­est Eden were once under siege by mis­sion­ar­ies seek­ing to civ­i­lize them; now they are fac­ing indus­try oper­a­tives and their own gov­ern­ment in their fight to sur­vive.

Join film­mak­er Kil­lack­ey and his native friend Oto­bo as they explore what may be lost as oil com­pa­nies encroach, human rights vio­la­tions run ram­pant, and the wilder­ness is destroyed — all for the oil that lies beneath this not yet exploit­ed land.

Released in 2016

94 min­utes

Explor­ers and Adven­tures


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