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How to see the film of your choice at the Film Festival

audienceIf you’ve nev­er been to a Film Fes­ti­val an impor­tant tip on get­ting to see the films of your choice is to Arrive Ear­ly!

Here’s how it works:

30 min­utes before show­time — Your wrist­band or tick­et will be checked at the door to the venue where you will be hand­ed a num­bered “Q” card. Venues dis­trib­ute “Q” cards on a first-come, first-served basis. Line up accord­ing to the type of tick­et you hold. There will be clear­ly marked areas for Cap­tains and Mariners to line up for pri­or­i­ty seat­ing, and a third place for Deck Hands and Crew to line up.

15 min­utes before show­time — The num­bered “Q” card line starts to move into the the­ater, Cap­tains first, then Mariners, then Deck Hands and Crew. If you’ve got­ten out of line but have a num­bered tick­et and the line has already start­ed to move when you return, you’re still guar­an­teed a seat. If you can’t find your num­bered place in line, join the line at the back.

Late­com­ers — If you show up after the 30-minute dead­line and there is space avail­able you will be giv­en a “Q” card. Get at the end of the appro­pri­ate line (Cap­tain, Mariner, Deck Hand and Crew). If the house is sold out, there will be time to get to a dif­fer­ent venue and still get a seat for anoth­er great film.

Note: Please turn in your “Q” cards as you enter the the­ater.

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