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Talk with the filmmakers of Back to the Garden, Tuesday April 15th at the Grange

Back to the Garden Director Kevin Tomlinson and Co-Producer Judy Kaplen will be on hand for Q&A after the screening at 7pm. Also showing will be Tiny.

Back to the Garden

back to the garden documentay film

In 1988, Seat­tle film­mak­er Kevin Tom­lin­son inter­viewed a group of back-to-the-land ”hip­pies” who had iso­lat­ed them­selves from main­stream cul­ture by liv­ing off-grid in rur­al Wash­ing­ton State, prac­tic­ing peace and love.  In 2006, Tom­lin­son returned to their com­mu­ni­ty to learn what had become of their utopi­an dreams.  He talked again with the orig­i­nal inter­vie­wees, as well as their chil­dren, to deter­mine how liv­ing this alter­na­tive lifestyle actu­al­ly played out.

Back to the Gar­den is an extreme­ly poignant time-lapse view of these ide­al­ists, told with mov­ing per­son­al sto­ries. It offers pro­found insights into one of the most icon­ic social move­ments of our time, speak­ing to all of us who grew up in the 60s or were affect­ed by the coun­ter­cul­ture of those days. The non-con­formist lifestyles of these aging hip­pies and their now-thriv­ing fam­i­lies – all firm­ly insu­lat­ed from glob­al eco­nom­ic shocks — today looks ahead of its time and wis­er than ever. Run­ning time is 1 hour 10 min­utes.


tiny-movieTiny is a doc­u­men­tary about home, and how we find it. The film fol­lows one couple’s attempt to build a “tiny house” from scratch, and pro­files oth­er fam­i­lies who have down­sized their lives into homes small­er than the aver­age park­ing space.  Fea­tur­ing homes stripped down to their essen­tials, explor­ing the own­ers’ sto­ries and the design inno­va­tions that make the hous­es work, the film rais­es ques­tions about good design, the nature of home, and the chang­ing Amer­i­can Dream. That dream for some may focus on flex­i­bil­i­ty, finan­cial free­dom, and qual­i­ty of life over quan­ti­ty of space.  Tiny is a com­ing-of-age sto­ry for a gen­er­a­tion that is more con­nect­ed, yet less tied-down than ever, and for a soci­ety redefin­ing its pri­or­i­ties in the face of a chang­ing finan­cial and envi­ron­men­tal cli­mate. More than any­thing, the film invites its view­ers to dream big and imag­ine liv­ing small. Run­ning time is 62 min­utes.

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