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Wayfinders + <span class="caps">COAL</span>

Tues­day, 7pm — July 22, 2014 at the Fri­day Har­bor Grange:


Dou­ble Fea­ture …


Wayfind­ers — A Pacif­ic Odyssey
Cen­turies before Euro­pean explor­ers ven­tured beyond their shore­lines, the ances­tors of to- day’s Poly­ne­sians had sailed to every hab­it­able island in the far cor­ners of the Pacif­ic. This an- cient Poly­ne­sian sea voy­ag­ing tra­di­tion comes to life again in Wayfind­ers: A Pacif­ic Odyssey. The film sweeps view­ers into a sea­far­ing adven- ture with a com­mu­ni­ty of Pacif­ic Islanders as they build tra­di­tion­al sail­ing canoes, learn how to fol­low the stars across the ocean and embark on a 2,000-mile voy­age in the wake of their ances­tors. As with many indige­nous peo­ples, the cul­tur­al iden­ti­ty of Poly­ne­sians has become obscured by west­ern belief sys­tems, his­to­ry and eco­nom­ics. Film­mak­er Gail Eve­nari focus­es on the revival of one area of this deeply root­ed cul­ture: “wayfind­ing” — the art of nav­i­gat­ing a canoe across long dis­tances using only nat­ur­al signs: the sun, the moon, the stars and the ocean swells. Run­ning time:  60 min­utes 

COAL — the Doc­u­men­tary
The North­west is direct­ly in the mid­dle of an impor­tant con­tro­ver­sy about whether or not coal export ter­mi­nals should be built. Such ter­mi­nals have the poten­tial to open up extreme­ly lucra­tive mar­kets for the world’s dirt­i­est fos­sil fuel at a time when the U.S. econ­o­my con­tin­ues to strug­gle, but the poten­tial envi­ron­men­tal impacts sim­ply can’t be ignored. Coal is a new doc­u­men­tary that attempts to present a bal­anced intro­duc­tion to the com­plex­i­ties of the debate that is rag­ing rel­a­tive to SSA Marine’s pro­posed Gate­way Pacif­ic Ter­mi­nal near Belling­ham, WA, which is pro­ject­ed to han­dle 52 mil­lion tons of coal exports a year, most of which would be bound for Asia. Film­mak­ers Katie Camp­bell and Michael Wern­er tell the sto­ry through an array of voic­es from both sides of the con­tro­ver­sy, mak­ing it clear that the oppos­ing sides real­ly oper­ate in sep­a­rate uni­vers­es, arriv­ing at their con­clu­sions in total­ly dif­fer­ent ways. Run­ning time:  27 min­utes


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