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photo: FHFF "Best of the Fest" short films block poster, featuring "Bring the Salmon Home", "Contrasts", "Stories from the Salish Sea", and local film "Stepping Into History".

June 23 • SJI Grange

Short Films Block

Multiple Directors
2022 • 83 minutes

A block of related short films about the Salish Sea and San Juan Island from the 2022 Friday Harbor Film Festival.

Bring the Salmon Home

Director: Shane Anderson

2022 Friday Harbor Film Festival Audience Choice Award Winner - Best Documentary Short Film

"Bring the Salmon Home" portrays the resilience of Klamath River tribes running a 300-mile marathon from sea to source, advocating for the largest ever river restoration - the removal of four Klamath River dams. As dam removal approval looms, the race symbolizes a hopeful future.

Released in 2022

Running time: 14 minutes

Sponsored by Printonyx



Director: Vanessa Prigollini

"Contrasts" advocates for marine species' liberation, shedding light on the grim realities of their captivity. It stresses every creature's right to freedom, challenging humans' entitlement to exploit them for profit and amusement. The film intends to awaken empathy for animal welfare.

Released in 2021

Running time: 15 minutes

Sponsored by Printonyx


Stories from the Salish Sea

Director: Aaron Straight

This series about the Salish Sea features Chris Morgan, wildlife ecologist, conservationist, filmmaker, and host of the podcast THE WILD, as he showcases three of the Pacific Northwest’s main concerns - the kelp highway, the city’s connection to salmon, and the dog who helps save orcas.

Episode 1 - Stories of the Salish Sea: The Kelp Highway

Chris Morgan dives into the Salish Sea's kelp highways, exploring the vital ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest. He engages with Native American biologists and Coast Salish tribes who've safeguarded the kelp for millennia, and now educate their youth to manage this life-sustaining ecosystem.

Sponsored by Printonyx

Episode 2 - Stories from the Salish Sea: Salmon in the City

Chris Morgan kayaks urban waterways to understand salmon survival and our protective role. A Native American biologist and Seattle Aquarium staff demonstrate how our actions impact salmon success, emphasizing our shared connection through water, embodying 'water is life.'

Sponsored by San Juan Islands Food Coop

Episode 3 - Stories from the Salish Series: Eba +the Orcas

Chris Morgan shares the unique tale of Eba, a dog trained to detect orca scat, aiding research into killer whale health and challenges. On a San Juan Islands vessel, he explores the fascinating work to help orcas and how everyone can contribute to their conservation.

Sponsored by Star Surveying, Inc.


Stepping Into History: On the Old Military Road Trail

Director: Michael Noonan

In the 1850s, the US and Britain nearly clashed over the San Juan Islands in the Salish Sea. Commanders and authorities prevented conflict, by constructing a road linking military camps. Today, volunteers are reviving this road, celebrating peaceful resolutions while showcasing the area's history and natural beauty.

Released in 2022

Running time:  26 minutes     

Sponsored by Harbor Rental & Saw Shop

TRAILER: Short film Bring the Salmon Home.

Short Films Block

Multiple Directors


June 23, 2023 at 11:00:00 PM


San Juan Island Grange
152 First St N, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
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