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Cowboy Poets

Directed by:

Mike Day


85 minutes

As cowboys meet at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, they confront myths, old and new, to try and save the land they love.


Friday, October 27, 2023 at 10:15 AM



“Maybe you should let your babies grow up to be cowboys. It’s the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, going strong since 1985, where cowboys and cowgirls of all ages wax philosophical in song and verse about a world that’s slowly disappearing and what lies ahead.” (M.G., CIFF)

The image of heroic American cowboys riding through wide-open country dominates movies to this day. In Cowboy Poets, we learn about a lesser-known passion of cowboys and cowgirls. Poets, songwriters, and musicians come together at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Nevada. The film accompanies them as they record their unique way of life in poems and songs and consider their place is in today's world. It shows their rough and ready everyday life as well as their creative work and combines this with breath-taking nature shots to create a piece of nostalgic "Americana.”

Cowboy Poets



filmmaker-Luke Stirtz.png

Mike Day

filmmaker-Luke Stirtz.png

filmmaker-Luke Stirtz.png

Mike is a Peabody award-winning Scottish director and cinematographer. He headed out on a boat to make his first documentary The Guga Hunters of Ness, in the North Atlantic, in 2009. He has since been Emmy and BAFTA nominated for The Islands and the Whales supported by Sundance, SFFilm, IDA, and DFI, and broadcast on BBC, POV on PBS, ARTE, and others with theatrical releases worldwide.



Mike Day


Mike Day

Executive Producers

Bonnie Buckner

Michael Y. Chow

Kathryn Everett

Leslie Finlay

Arcadiy Golubovich

Roberto Grande

Andy Hsieh

Tony Hsieh

Justin Lacob

Bryn Mooser

Mimi Pham

Sue Turley

Louis Venezia


Mike Day


Mike Day


Mike Day

Nicole Halova

Maya Hawke

Sound Department

Steve Bond, Re-recording Mixer

Jack Cheetham, Dialogue Editor

Marcelo de Oliveira, Sound

Andreina Gomez, Foley Artist

Nicole Halova, Sound Recordist

Dario Swade, Sound Designer

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