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Your Water Can Be Safe

Directed by:

Bryce Funk


7 minutes


Friday, October 27, 1:00 PM

No Trailer Available - FHFF :30 Festival PSA (KCTS9)


A film crew in Uganda is able to build a clean water system for an orphanage, home to over fifty children, in less than a day. A special filter improves the quality and safety of their water, allowing for higher output at reduced cost.

Director Statement

This film was an absolute blessing to make. We originally traveled to Uganda to film a story on Derrick - the gentleman who started this orphanage. Despite any prior intention, planning, and minimal resources, we were lucky enough to be able to build this clean water system in less than a day. This filter not only improves the quality and safety of their water but allows for higher volume output while reducing the cost of clean water.

About the Director

Bryce Funk is a documentary filmmaker focused on stories in uncommon and hard-to-reach locations.

Bryce is the founder and creative director of High Sierra Collective. His passion is to tell the stories of marginalized, forgotten, and hard-to-reach people. Bryce serves as the creative director and director of photography for High Sierra Collective.

He has been awarded Best Director at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Apart from filming, Bryce has worked as a mountain guide and outdoor school instructor.

Your Water Can Be Safe


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Bryce Funk


Bryce Funk


Mustafa Nsamba


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