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Directed by:

Harold C. Joe, Leslie D. Bland


Through interviews and creative re-enactments, Tzouhalem examines the account of the life of the near-mythic figure of Cowichan Chief from both historians and First Nations Elders, the folkloric tales concerning him, his impact on the relationship between the Crown and First Nations, and how his legend remains alive, examining critically how his story has been told and passed down to us.


It is generally believed that Tzouhalem, a deformed Indigenous boy, through his strength of character and mystical powers, taught to him by his Grandmother,  subdued his rivals, and transformed himself into the most powerful First Nations leader in the Pacific Northwest, before succumbing to his own immorality.



Leslie D. Bland

Harold Joe


Leslie D. Bland

Harold Joe


Leslie D. Bland

Harold Joe

Executive Producer

Barbara Osberg


Alexander Brendan Ferguson


Gavin Andrews

Joseph Boutilier


Gavin Andrews (Editor of Photography)

Leslie D. Bland (Edit Supervision)

Bonnie Hughson (Edit Supervision)

Makeup Department Head

Tanya Castaneda (as Tanya Castanada)

Production Supervisor

Barbara Osberg

Assistant Directors

Bonnie Hughson, First Assistant Director

Chris Jaycox, Second Assistant Director

Emrey Wright, First Assistant Director

Art Department

Renée Belliveau, Properties Master

Joseph Boutilier, Graphic Design

Sound Department

Evan Matthiesen, Location Audio | Post Audio

Jes Matthiesen, Location Audio

Daniel Taggart-Hodge, Location Audio

Camera and Electrical Department

Thomas Andrews, Camera Operator

Peter Olivastri, Camera Operator

Daniel Taggart-Hodge, Gaffer

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Janice Alton, Wardrobe Assistant

Sarah Nicole Faucher, Wardrobe Assistant

Cristal Sargen, tCostume Design | Head Of Wardrobe

Tiger Leonard Williams, Wardrobe Assistant

Script Supervisor

Sophie Underwood

Additional Crew

Thomas Andrews, Production Assistant

Bonnie Hughson, Production Assistant

Barbara Osberg, Locations Manager

Colin Preston, Image Research

Paula Switzer, Production Accountant

Sophie Underwood, Production Assistant

Tzouhalem Official Trailer


Directed by:

Harold C. Joe, Leslie D. Bland


90 minutes

FHFF On-Demand Streaming Partner

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