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Salted Earth

Directed by:

Ben Hemmings


19.5 minutes


Saturday, October 28, 1 PM

Sunday, October 29, 10 AM


On-Demand (Worldwide). October 30 - November 5

Salted Earth Official Trailer

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Salted Earth plunges us into the heart of an invisible and creeping crisis that's transforming the Mid-Atlantic – the inexorable rise of sea levels. This hard-hitting, yet tenderly woven 20-minute documentary paints a vivid picture of an escalating environmental catastrophe, where the enemy is not just the swelling sea, but the encroaching salt that kills forests, decimates arable land, and threatens life as we know it.

Our journey navigates the brackish waters of climate change alongside an intrepid team of scientists. Through their tireless work, they seek to unravel the intricacies of how salty water infiltrates groundwater and soils, with consequences as far-reaching as they are devastating. Their research is more than academic; it's a desperate quest for solutions that may help vulnerable communities adapt and even survive.

"Salted Earth" is not only a saga of scientific discovery. It's also a story of human resilience and ingenuity. We venture into the heart of communities, the lifeblood of the Mid-Atlantic, whose existence is at stake. We see firsthand the farmers struggling to preserve their livelihoods, community leaders forging ahead with audacious resilience strategies, and everyday individuals battling the rising tide.

Through intimate interviews with scientists, farmers, and community leaders, "Salted Earth" provides a sobering, yet inspiring look at the very real and present challenge of sea-level rise. It asks a question that affects us all: Can our strategy against the rising sea succeed, or are we fighting an unwinnable war?

The answer may unsettle you, but the journey is one you cannot afford to miss. Watch "Salted Earth" and see the future of our world through a salt-streaked lens.

About the Director

Ben Hemmings is renowned for his deeply insightful documentary work spotlighting pressing social and environmental issues. Hemmings' dynamic storytelling approach intertwines human experience with hard-hitting realities, eliciting a profound connection between the audience and the subject. With "Salted Earth," Hemmings once again proves his mastery at capturing the essence of a complex issue, presenting the urgent crisis of sea level rise with an arresting blend of scientific rigor and human

Salted Earth


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Ben Hemmings


Joseph Coppolino


Ben Hemmings


Jon Cox

Executive Producer

Jeanette Miller

Executive Producers

Holly Michael

Executive Producer

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