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We Are Tenacious

Directed by:

Ash Kreis & Philip Kreis


86 minutes

Nestled away in the central Rocky Mountains there is a haven for queer people: The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, but this idyllic community has come under attack. This film follows the ranchers' journey from their peaceful beginnings to their fight to exist.


Friday, October 27, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Saturday, October 28, 2023 at 10:15 AM


On-Demand (Worldwide). October 30 - November 5

We Are Tenacious Official Trailer

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Penny Logue is a transgender Alpaca rancher. A modern pioneer. An Anarchist. A hero in the Queer community, and the founder of the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, found somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Colorado. We Are Tenacious is a classic American story of perseverance, as Penny and her dedicated family of Queer ranchers battle fierce weather, impossible finances, far-right militia, and their own inner struggles as they pursue true liberation.


Online anti-LGBT harassment quickly turns into violent real-life confrontations in one of the most conservative counties in Colorado. The ranch has become the center of a cultural flash point, one that we have seen spread across the United States. This film documents the ranchers' journey from their idyllic beginnings to their fight to exist when confronted by local militias and harassment.

We Are Tenacious



filmmaker-Luke Stirtz.png

Ash Kreis

filmmaker-Luke Stirtz.png

Philip Kreis

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Ash Kreis

Ash Kreis is a transgender documentary filmmaker in Portland, Oregon. She got her start working on indie features including "The Creep Behind The Camera" and "The Frame." She also worked in the advertising industry while teaching cinematography at UCCS and worked on feature films such as Being Evel directed by Daniel Junge and Produced by Johnny Knoxville. Since transitioning she has been approaching film with a fresh eye focusing on the lives and experiences of members of the LGBT Community.

Ash made her directorial debut in 2020 with "The Fandom," which has won multiple festival awards including Best Picture in the LGBTQ+ Los Angeles film festival and achieved international distribution in 2020.

As a transgender film director I have always been fascinated by how our identities play a role in our daily lives and interactions with others. How do we fit into this larger notion of community especially in an environment that is traditionally conservative? When I set out to make “We Are Tenacious” it was with the goal of exploring queer family and identity in rural Colorado. I wanted to give my audience an intimate view of the trans experience, one that only a trans person can really share. Exploring our identities beyond the superficial and the medical and living in our shoes.

Philip Kreis

Philip Kreis is known for The Fandom (2020), Hero (2021) and We Are Tenacious (2023).



Ash Kreis


Philip Kreis, Producer

Zack Sweeney, Co-Producer

Executive Producers

Matthew Bennett

Ash Kreis


Ash Kreis


Eric Risher

Sound Recordist

Philip Kreis

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