Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

Director:  David Fairhead


At the heart of the remarkable Apollo space program was the team who worked in mission control.  They were born against a backdrop of economic turmoil and global conflict. Some came from a rural lifestyle unchanged since the 19th century, while others grew up in a gritty, blue-collar America of mines and smoke stacks. They ranged from students straight out of college to soldiers toughened by military service.

Yet, from such diverse beginnings, an extraordinary team was born. They set out on what JFK called “the most hazardous, dangerous, and greatest adventure upon which mankind has ever embarked.” 

Through the team’s testimony and the supporting voices of Apollo astronauts and modern NASA flight directors, Mission Control explores their journey from the faltering start of the program through the Mercury and Gemini missions, the tragedy of the Apollo 1 fire, the first  exciting flights to the moon by Apollo 8 and 11, and the tension-filled effort required to rescue the Apollo 13 crew.


Released in 2017
101 minutes
Explorers and Adventures

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