Board Members

captain-lynn danaher.png
Captain Lynn Danaher

Lynn spent the late 60’s in Hawaii and Seattle coordinating Rock Festivals — Diamond Head Crater, Seattle Pop, and SkyRiver. In 1970, her spirit of adventure took her to Alaska where she spent five years homesteading and fourteen years as a commercial fisherman.

karen cantrell-palmer.png
Karen Cantrell-Palmer

Karen’s business career spanned from 1980 – 2005, where she excelled in the film and television industry, starting with 1986 Showtime Networks and 1996 Sundance Channel.

malcolm suttles.png
Malcolm Suttles

When Malcolm was 15 years old he saw the original release of Lawrence of Arabia and was mesmerized by the images and the music. He credits that film with shaping his continuing obsession with the importance of image and sound in film and performance.

Anthony D. Vivenzio

Fifteen years ago, Anthony “Tony” Vivenzio realized his dream of “graduating” from urban professional and personal life and moved with his wife, Megan, to a place that possessed all of the maritime beauty and social connectedness he was seeking — San Juan Island.

Susan Waters

Susan Waters has a varied, extensive background, which includes agriculture, travel and tourism, and education.

Norris Palmer

Norris is a graduate of University of Texas at Arlington. Having a major in Journalism gained him several positions with National and Local Radio Station News Broadcasts.

Staff & Key Volunteers

Ryan Bennett, Jack of All Trades
Mary Bruce, Office Coordinator
Lana Hickman, Office Coordinator
Zandra Gutierrez, Secretary, Office Manager
Matt Pranger, Photographer
Theresa Simendinger, Ad Sales
Ellen Roberts, Program Coordinator, Writer
Alice Shull, Program Design, Graphics
Lori Stokes, Program Editor

Mark Kyle, Webmaster, Social Media Specialist