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Melinda Raebyne, Director

2019 | 49 minutes


Camp Second Chance is an encampment founded by the homeless to foster an environment that allows them to become productive people in society. Stories Of Us is their stories and ours. One of triumph, showing us that the power lies within our own willpower not to just survive but to thrive.


Melinda Raebyne, Director

I am a filmmaker who is fascinated by people, especially the resilience of the human spirit; with the power of good storytelling, I use my films to give a voice to so many in our society who have become the forgotten ones.


Great art doesn't just capture the moment, it allows you to feel it. This is the foundation for award-winning filmmaker Melinda Raeybne’s work; “When the audience feels the story you are telling, they become a part of it, vested in it, and even motivated to take action.”

After almost ten years of acting in other people’s films, Melinda decided to make her own films; films spoken from her heart told in her own voice. Melinda is interested in making films that examine important social issues while giving a voice to those who are suffering from the pain of social injustices.

In March 2016 Melinda Raebyne received the Right Now Today Humanitarian Award for her work on Asylum. Asylum was Melinda's first film. A narrative short that looks at mental trauma brought on by domestic violence. It was awarded Best Narrative Short at the 2018 Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival. She served as the Event Director with the Seattle Latino Film Festival in 2013 and 2014. During the Summer of 2016 and 2018, she was asked to be a filmmaker mentor for Tacoma’s Grand Cinema Film Camp. Currently, Melinda is working on two projects; “Our Voices Matter” and “For Sale”. The US has seen mass groups of people of all backgrounds uniting and taking a stance on various human rights issues through continuous protests and rallies. “Our Voices Matters” shows what’s possible when people unite in speaking up and not backing down. In 2017 Melinda was one of the recipients of the WA State GAP grant. The money from the grant will go to help fund “For Sale”, an exhibit that invites viewers into the life of a person who’s a victim of human trafficking with the goal of bringing to light this issue that has infested the US and other countries all over the world.


Friday Harbor Film Festival thanks to Tammy Cotton Farmers Insurance for sponsoring this film.

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