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Curated Filmmaker Q&A: THE SIX

Enjoy the full 25-minute Q&A from the overall audience feature film award winner, THE SIX, recorded during the 2021 Online Friday Harbor Film Festival in October, or select a question below to review. Friday Harbor Film Festival will be featuring filmmaker Q&A's recorded during the annual festival in October throughout the winter.


How long did this film take to make?


What was the primary motivation for making the film?


How did James Cameron get involved as Executive Producer?


Arthur Jones discusses use of Titanic footage in the documentary film, THE SIX.


Producer Luo Tong talks about the animation and graphics team in Korea.


Steven discusses the "dunk tank" scene and a bit of the science behind the research.


The lifeboat. What happened to the students who built the scale research model?


Future plans for the film.


Final comments from the filmmakers.

Learn where you can watch THE SIX by visiting the filmmaker's website at:

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