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Curated Filmmaker Q&A: ZERO GRAVITY

Enjoy the full 34-minute Q&A from the Explorers & Adventures audience feature film award winner, ZERO GRAVITY, recorded during the 2021 Online Friday Harbor Film Festival in October, or select a question below to review. Friday Harbor Film Festival will be featuring filmmaker Q&A's recorded during the annual festival in October throughout the winter.


Director Thomas Verrette discusses being inspired by students and educators.


Verrette talks about how the original idea for ZERO GRAVITY developed and blossomed into a feature documentary film.


Of all the schools that participated in the Zero Robotics program, Verrette discusses how the Campbell Middle School teacher and class were chosen for the film.


How long did it take to make this film?


Verette talks about the editorial process becoming the writing process with this type of film, as well as the use of NASA historical footage.


A bit more about production surprises and the backstories of students.


"Humans have been living and working in space for as long as the students featured in the film have been alive." Verrette discusses the significance of this fact about his cast.


Zero Robotics is a programming and robotics challenge that takes place in space aboard the International Space Station, utilizing satellites known as SPHERES. Every year through Zero Robotics, thousands of students across the world compete in the ISS Finals Tournament, which sees the best codes of regions, states, and countries go head to head in a live-match up performed by the astronauts in orbit. Verrette talks about this program for Educators.



Director Thomas Verrette on what he would like to see audience take away from his film.


Learn more about the film here:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter - @ZeroGravityDoc



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