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Updated: May 7, 2021


May 1, 2020

For the month of May the Friday Harbor Film Festival Director Series presents a Mini Fest of four new feature documentaries and five short films submitted through FilmFreeway. These films will be available 24/7 at from May 1–31. Watch all the films at no charge.

Viewers are asked to participate in a crowdsourcing project to evaluate the films, assigning a rating and providing comments. Audience choice films will be included in the October Friday Harbor Film Festival.

In appreciation for audience assistance, the Festival will hold a drawing from all individual ratings. Each film that a viewer rates will count as one entry. The winning viewer will receive a free pass to the 2021 Festival. The top ten audience curators, based on the number of films watched and rated, as well as the extensiveness of comments, will receive discounted tickets to the 2021 Festival.

Feature documentaries included are:

Stories of Us: Camp Second Chance - Director Melinda Raebyne embeds herself at one of Seattle's homeless camps, Camp Second Chance, one winter, challenging public ignorance and humanizing a population that locals would rather neglect.

EVENT: LIVESTREAM Q&A with Melinda Raebyne, date TBA.

Melinda Raebyne, Director

2021 | 49 minutes

Forest Hymn for Little Girls – This film follows the exploits, struggles and daring feats of young girls under the age of six as they take to the woodland.

Sara Bonaventura, Director

2020 | 73 minutes

Campeche Island World Agents on the island known for its crystal-clear waters and rock engravings work to preserve its environmental and cultural value.

Cláudio Felippio Júnior, Director

2020 | 53 minutes

Short films included are:

Wild Horses - A revealing look into the plight of America's wild horses.

William E. Simpson II, Director

2018 | 3.5 minutes

The Hunt for the Asian Giant Hornet - Scientists race to stop the spread of a new invasive species to bring balance to our ecosystem before it’s too late - but first they have to find it.

Saturday, May 15, 4:00pm PDT.

Jay Windland, Director

2021 | 11 minutes

EVENT: LIVESTREAM Q&A with director Jay Windland, Saturday, May 15, 4:00pm PDT.

Tuned Up - Pat, a guitarist in the band Carmanah, advocates for climate action and environmental justice, touring in a 1970's bus running on used vegetable oil, inspiring people to make their own small changes.

Chelsea Kanstrup, Director

2021 | 27 minutes

A Boy’s Journey: Crossing the Alenuihaha Channel - Eleven-year-old Bobo Gallagher became the first person ever to cross the Alenuihaha Channel on a wing and a foil. This is his story.

Deveraux Gallagher, Director

2021 | 38 minutes

Rafiki – Friend – The story of Rafiki, a silverback mountain gorilla from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda, Africa.

Carl Davis, Director

2021 | 8 minutes

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